National Indigenous Network Initiative
Indigenous Transformation Project

NINI is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation dedicated to promoting self-determination and providing culturally safe treatments, trauma-informed approaches, strength-based interventions, and therapeutic services for Indigenous Australians, so families and communities are safe and healthy.

Preventing Family, Domestic and Sexual Violence

NINI is dedicated to working in DFSV services to support safe families. A model of Prevention > Early Intervention > Response > Recovery and healing

Preventing Criminogenic and Recidivistic Behaviours

Educating our communities about risk factors, their causes, and the link between risk and recidivism can help reduce criminogenic behaviours.

Increasing Social and Emotional Wellbeing

The use of a National Strategic Framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ Mental Health and Social and Emotional Wellbeing (SEWB) indicates a commitment to evidence-based and nationally recognised guidelines. This framework likely helps guide NINI’s programs and services.

Delivering Culturally Safe Treatments

Providing treatments that are culturally safe ensures that interventions are respectful of Indigenous cultural values and practices. This approach contributes to a more inclusive and effective therapeutic experience.

Practicing Trauma-Informed Approaches

Recognising and addressing the impact of trauma is crucial, especially considering historical traumas that Indigenous communities may have experienced. A trauma-informed approach helps create a supportive and understanding environment.

Do you require the services of NINI?


We empower individuals, families and our communities to get stronger and safer.

NINI acknowledges the pain many Indigenous people have suffered as a result of colonisation, racism and dispossession.

If you are seeking support to work through any grief, loss and trauma we are here to help you reclaim your best self. Many clients are prompted to begin their journey with us needing support and guidance because they have perpetrated violence, abuse or controlling behaviours, or they are victim survivors of it.

As specialists with the lived experience and training to deliver culturally appropriate approaches we improve lives – aiming for rapid practical wins and deeper holistic change.

An Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation (ACCO), NINI partners with like-minded organisations and people with high values, morals, ethics, and standards.

We deliver services to Indigenous people, particularly through culturally safe interventions. We get involved because you want things to improve in your life.

Service delivery is culturally safe, holistic, private, and confidential.

Transforming lives through yarning with purpose, connecting to meaning and counselling to improve self.

NINI has specialist Narrative Therapy and General Counsellors ready to support you. To discover how we can help you or someone you know, please ring 1300 294 003.