How we help

NINI operates through partnerships, collaborative efforts, and co-design principles with services that share similar values to provide culturally sensitive healing, comprehensive care, and research. These efforts support initiatives in preventing Domestic, Family, and Sexual Violence (DFSV) as well as deterring criminogenic and recidivist behaviors.

Our approach to supporting behaviour change is multifaceted, incorporating culture, evidence-based research, trauma-informed strategies, therapeutic methods, community engagement and feedback.

We support ending violence against women and children in all its forms.

NINI provides Narrative Therapy, counselling, yarning circles, activities and tailored services to improve safety and social and emotional wellbeing.

Types of DFSV:

  • Intimate partner violence 
  • Family violence 
  • Sexual violence 
  • Child abuse 

Many behaviours need addressing, some are:

  • Understanding power and control
  • Blaming, denying, or minimising any abusive behaviours 

Some risk factors include:

  • Trauma, in all its forms, unresolved, conflicted – existential 
  • Recent job loss, stresses, increases in alcohol and other drugs can increase the likelihood of acting out DFSV behaviours
  • Other stresses such as unresolved grief, loss and trauma, such as PTSD can increase abusive behaviours
  • Witnessing DFSV as a child can increase the risk of perpetrating it
  • Living in regional and remote communities can make disclosure difficult for many reasons

People who experience DFSV at any level are affected in many different ways, but overwhelmingly these affects are traumatic, vicarious, have long lasting implications on the victim survivors social and emotional wellbeing including their physical wellbeing 

NINI’s service is to prevent DFSV, not to judge, ridicule or shame the perpetrator who seeks help and support. Our service provides culturally appropriate space, so our mob address their violence and we can begin the healing journey together to end the violence.

Moving to a “preferred story” of living a responsible life, being a safe partner, parent and community member, a role model for community is the desired outcome, that is nothing to be ashamed of and something to be proud of.

For further information, please contact NINI in the contact page. A new Intake and Assessments for a 12-week program is beginning soon. 

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